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“Water and air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends, have become global garbage cans.”

― Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Welcome to the commiserative zone of Enviro Technologies Inc, Enviro Technologies Inc the only name of commitment and accuracy! equipments is a globally famed company providing quality services for industrial, municipal and domestic, water and waste water treatment plant turnkey executer and manufacturer in India. We prefer variety of services like Industrial Effluent Treatment and setting Water Treatment and Sewage Treatment Plant at the economical prices in the market. Our services for water treatment and others are considered to be the most reliable in Indian market.


Enviro Technologies Inc was established with a vision to serve all kinds of services for industrial appliance at a single bench. Within a very short passage of time we have gained huge reputation in the market with dedication towards quality and clients convenience. Our staff and all the employees in the hierarchy enjoy a light working atmosphere and give their best to excel our organization. Our experts are vastly experienced and assisted with scientific innovations shape our services to the perfection.


We at Enviro Technologies Inc ensure our loving clients that our services are fine and pay back your investment. We would love to tell you that we are the swiftest services in the market, in other words we are just a phone call away. Our organization, in the years has developed a strong bonding between with our clients as they have shown an undying trust and support. We welcome everybody to come along with us and enjoy the truest meaning of perfection.



Demineralization through iron exchange resin is still the low cost method of removing dissolved salts present in water(when the TDS level < 3000 ppm). We offer DM plants in different schemes and capacities from 25 lph to 25000 lph as per the process requirements in manual / automatic operation.



Evaporators for different applications like:-

  • concentration of high TDS effluent water
  • concentration of dilute liquids like food products, fruit juices etc., in different configurations
  • Multistage falling film type
  • Forced circulation
  • Natural circulation etc., in combination with thermal vapors recompresses (TVR) for steam economy.




  • Either for raw water or treated effluent recycling, our RO plants are designed for optimum conditions of membrane life, investment &operating cost.
  • It is done after through understanding and analysis of feed water conditions in worst probabilities with right kind of pre treatment steps.
  • RO plants are offered with enough safety measure and automation.
  • Out of the leading membrane manufactures right kind of membrane is selected and offered for specific requirements.
  • In worst cases ultra filtration is offered as pre treatment to RO plant. .


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